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How we have changed

Today we gather as a family around tablets, smartphones and laptops.  Fast food dinner served from a box or bag and little conversation except via our fingers.  20 years ago we gathered as a family in front of the TV and TV dinners  was served on our laps as we stared quietly at the screen.  60 years ago we gathered as a family around the radio after having sat at the table eating mum’s cooking and talked about the day’s events, 100 years ago we gathered around as a family at the meal table and then read books.  In 10 years time we will gather no where, find ourselves in our rooms never to be seen again.

Why a WA farmer has got it wrong about GM crops

“Cunderdin farmer David Fulwood said there was no credible research to suggest GM crops were unsafe.”

“The current genes are only the start of good things to come for producers and consumers as well. The benefits of will be huge in terms of feeding hungry people and feeding them nutritionally.”

The problem is, Mr Fulwood is that to feed hungry people costs them to buy it.  GM crops are a manifestation of corporations who don’t give anything away and are only too willing to force traditional crop farmers out of business by court action.   Farmers in poor nations can harvest their crop and preserve a portion of it for sowing; in GM you can’t because it is designed not to seed.   What GM crops would do is force these farmers to do is pay for the seeds which is counter productive.

Considering that your assumption that it’s safe unless otherwise proven otherwise has two issues, one that we know that once it is proven to be unsafe it is too late to roll back and secondly there is no contingency plan just like there were none for asbestos sufferers.

Apart from all that Mr Fulwood promoting a corporation that plays dirty shows a lack of moral values.