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Broome Airport lies

Colin Barnett and his cohorts have lied once again.  But is it poor journalism or no desire to report the truth anymore for political expediency that allows for the public to be unawares of the truth?  The spin back in May 2012 was to soften the public, make them think that if the state government spent the hundreds of millions to upgrade the Broome airport was of benefit directly with tourists coming to WA to spend their cash.  Because the state government is too gutless to stand up to these greedy corporations and say “payer uses” Colin Barnett was determined to make us heavily taxed public take the burden whilst corporations make even more super profits and not pay a cent.

Back in May 20012 TheWest newspaper wrote an article about the development of Broome Airport for the international travelers.  It was a red flag to a bull, my cynicism was founded by todays report that Broome Airport upgrade is on the back-burner because of the spat between Woodside Petroleum and a Liberal government that doesn’t have any business sense.

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3 Strikes Law is for whipping the public

The general public don’t spend enough time asking questions, or standing up to their rights or equality.  If they did then the 3 Strikes law would either not exist or be a lot different.  If you think about the 3 strikes law, consider who is targeted, criminals including children.  Although the 3 strikes law on children is rarely used the fact it exists is a concern.

So, why am I questioning a law that protects the good people of this nation?  Well, at what stage did the 3 strikes law apply to corporations?  It doesn’t, because it is aimed at individuals and this I find totally wrong; thus no protection from corporate criminals. Continue reading 3 Strikes Law is for whipping the public

So, who is paying for fracking exploration in WA and who is diddling the books?

Sent a Twitter to Mark McGowan regarding the question of Royalties for Regions funds paying foreign companies to explore “fracking fields”.  Got no response so today I sent a feedback on his web site, hope to get a response from him.  Not that he would denounce fracking as he is not that concerned about anything but his own policies and not the policies of the people.

Just spoke to the WA Nationals and confirmed that WA Farmers Federation got it wrong, R4R did not fund and is not funding  fracking exploration.  They said that when Dept. of Minerals and Energy request funding using the R4R they have to inform R4R what the funding is for and no funding has been given for that purpose.


However, this is easy to circumvent, because Minerals and Energy reduce direct funding to traditional exploration (iron ore etc) but provide top up funds from R4R.  So the question is, has anyone researched the funding trends by Minerals and Energy department for the past 15 years?  Is that information available?  Can it be concluded that what in fact is happening is someone is robbing Peter to pay Paul?


Foreign companies, foreign workers, why it affects Australians

A report into Sino Steel paying almost half the rate of Australian workers is expected considering anyone importing foreign workers is doing it not just for the lack of labour but for cost benefits.  What is worse is that BHP have banned unions in some mines and no doubt are utilising cheap foreign  workers.  So, due to an avalanche effect people like Gina Rinehardt have to look at ways in reducing her overheads and the request for 1,700 workers is her reponse to the issue.  Who next?  It then filters down through all of the minor exploration companies and before you know it, it isn’t just the 1,700 workers but a substantial number of jobs lost to foreign workers.

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I rest my case (Broome International for miners)

It was obvious the Broome Airport expansion was not just for tourists, a secondary benefit and the silence of the state government on the recent article 1,7000 foreign workers given special exception to work in Australia shows they are complicit to not supporting West Australians but to mining magnates.  If you think for one moment that it will only be 1,700 cheap foreign workers over the next few years then you have your head in the sand!  Who is next?

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BHP Billiton Jac Nasser joins the bandwagon

BHP Billiton’s chairman Jac Nasser has criticised the Federal Labour Party by joining the likes of filthy rich mining magnates  threatening Australian that if we don’t allow them even more super-profits they will take their business elsewhere.  All I can say is go, take your ball and go to where ever you came from because you can’t help but politicise this issue.

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The West Australian and Clive Palmer

The Journo Petrina Berry either wasn’t there or didn’t put the question to Clive Palmer; is he anti-gay?  The last two lines in her article has this comment by him

“We can only sleep in one bed, we can only have one meal, we can only go out with one woman if we are sensible, if you are a guy that is.  “Same goes for you girls, too, right.”

But that’s the only concern in the article….

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