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Will WA Liberals sell out public assets using carrot made from public money?

When you think about it, public assets that have been created through public funding and now the Federal Government are aiming to sell everything, based on Liberal policy disguised as paying off debts.  A disguise that Australian’s don’t care to question, which can be argued so simply by even a 10 year old. Continue reading Will WA Liberals sell out public assets using carrot made from public money?

Biosecurity, why we are kept in the dark

The relationship between coprporations and government is at times very questionable, no more so when the government at the time are the Liberals.  Just as it is an issue with unions and Labor, there is a select few with a direct ear to the political party.

Decades ago we were self sufficient, we were able to grow as much as we needed and export whatever was left over.  Now, due to decades of corporate greed and pressure on successive Labor and Liberal governments we have to import most of what we need.

So, now we have such severe cut backs in one of the worlds most profitable states and for what?

“Agriculture Minister Ken Baston could not be contacted.’  Why am I not suprised?!

Why “I don’t recollect” by politicians make’s me angry

No doubt shareholders relate to this story over the collapse of Bell Resources and Alan Bond’s memory failing.

But how can you not recollect an Australian being put in detention or, even more important died in an overseas jail?  900 Australians died overseas last year, majority from illness, but how many have died in jail from suicide?  And if you are the foreign minister the question of why a person is in jail would no doubt have been asked and alarm bells in Kevin Rudd’s office would have rung  for the alleged Israeli national security offences.   Subsequently no one recollects this event.   Sorry but does it take something like a Bali bombing to recollect a death overseas?

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Tony Abbot the hypocritic – and he calls himself a Christian!


I received a flyer in my letter box, which I assume came through the postal system which probably means the Liberal party should be charged for creating material that encourages debasing of legitimate asylum seekers by calling them illegal, purely to generate propaganda that is meant to stir prejudice and create anger with the Australian population, which is effectively racial vilification.

And then I watched and read this:

“A very substantial population of western Sydney were foreigners just a few years ago,” Abbott said, “the fact is people from overseas have made a magnificent contribution to our country and trying to stir people up against them is the last thing the Prime Minister should be doing, particularly in western Sydney.”

Is this man a moron or what?

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Who owns human genes?

I watched Lateline (14/05/12 – 11 min 40 seconds into the show) regarding patent on human genes. It begs the question, why would Australian and US patent offices allow a company to claim rights to our genes?  Or should I say how?  The reason I am bringing this up it is because Melissa Parke, the Federal Labour Member for Fremantle and Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan are arguing against the claim that our genes are patentable. It brought to mind that such a massive human critical issue is getting nothing like the media coverage it deserves whilst reality show style day in day out coverage of Craig Thompson and Peter Slipper is just diabolical.

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