Colin Barnett the King Spinner

Colin Barnett in today’s ninemsn was keen to tell you what the federal Labour party are going to cost you but pretends to sympathise with business and the workers of WA.  If he really cared at all he would understand foreign workers means no jobs for West Australians.  For a start, if Colin was concerned about the impost of taxes on companies he would abolish the state created company payroll tax; a tax that says the more people you employ the more tax you pay.  If he was at all concerned for workers he would help offer them state training in particular for the mining sector but he doesn’t.  He encourages foreign or interstate workers to work in the mines but knowing full well we have a housing shortage crisis which means house prices and rentals continue to go up and up.

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WA Liberals and fracking go hand in hand

If a business or an individual cause an environmental catastrophe they get heavily fined and potentially put in jail.  If a government minister puts the rubber stamp on a development that years down the track turn out to be an environmental disaster the tax payer pays and the minister keeps his gold card.  So, if the fracking debate ends with serious consequences then the company will be charged a few million dollars and no one will be sent to jail or individually fined whilst us taxpayers pay for the clean up if at all possible.  You may say that the company has to, well if you have contaminated ground water, lakes and rivers, how can it be cleaned up?  it can’t.  Remind yourself of the James Hardy and the asbestos disaster for starters.  Now the federal government is chasing them for money (on behalf of asbestosis sufferers) in the Netherlands.

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Colin Barnett mischievous – siding with miners again

You have to ask Colin, when does a tax cause increases?  When it comes into effect, Colin, not before.  Just like your threat to increase utilities prices dramatically and then suddenly you realise to do so would create a backlash that threatens your position in the next election you drop it.  The fact you tried to push people’s buttons to hate the Federal Government more, you realise people were taking aim at you because they realised you were politicising a fundamental issue that you put onto us, not a future tax.

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