So, who is paying for fracking exploration in WA and who is diddling the books?

Sent a Twitter to Mark McGowan regarding the question of Royalties for Regions funds paying foreign companies to explore “fracking fields”.  Got no response so today I sent a feedback on his web site, hope to get a response from him.  Not that he would denounce fracking as he is not that concerned about anything but his own policies and not the policies of the people.

Just spoke to the WA Nationals and confirmed that WA Farmers Federation got it wrong, R4R did not fund and is not funding  fracking exploration.  They said that when Dept. of Minerals and Energy request funding using the R4R they have to inform R4R what the funding is for and no funding has been given for that purpose.


However, this is easy to circumvent, because Minerals and Energy reduce direct funding to traditional exploration (iron ore etc) but provide top up funds from R4R.  So the question is, has anyone researched the funding trends by Minerals and Energy department for the past 15 years?  Is that information available?  Can it be concluded that what in fact is happening is someone is robbing Peter to pay Paul?


Whilst Emperor Colin Barnett plays with lives… Collateral damage continues

I noted an article in the West Australian Newspaper that a massive influx of flu casualties has risen this year, worse ever in 10 years and the public health system is not able to cope with it unless you have $250 to jump the queue.  Public health is failing to meet demands and in doing so deaths do occur.  Well deaths it may be but the health system is the messenger and is the messenger of the state government and the message is, budget surplus is more important than your grandmother’s health.  If a hospital is having to resort to paper bed sheets to save money and deny a decent meal in the middle of the day then the health system is being shafted.

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Lisa Scafidi shows her embarrassment

The story is that if a begger has some kind of advertising on a peice of material asking for money he gets fined.  Not sure what Lisa is doing with the fine money but I’d like to think that if she had ever been to Singapore International Airport would see a great opportunity to deflect the embarrassment she should feel right now.

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Hello, Colin? Are you there?

Two articles on the ninemsn web site have clearly given federal Labour party ammunition against Tony Abbott and the Coalition on sorting out the asylum seeker boat issue. I am just waiting for Emperor Colin to call a media gathering to tell the West Australian people that he is appalled at the Liberal federal partys unwillingness to help fix the asylum seeker issues here in WA.

I hope the West Australian Newspaper contact his office regarding this snubbing by Tony and see how he responds.


Colin Barnett ruse on educating asylum seeker kids

Today’s West Australian did a very good article on Colin Barnett attempting to hyper inflate the cost of educating Afghan kids.  But what I didn’t know whas he banned them from attending the Leonora state school because, as he put it “did not fit well with the community or the school” which is totally contrary to what the  shire president Jeff Carter said.

Whilst Barnett is trying to politically football this issue over what can be best described as a small issue, we continue to pay for a white elephant at $750,000 a year, a monument built purely for a politician’s ego.

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Colin Barnett tells tourists to stay away!

“What I talked about was some context about the West Australian economy and the direction it was going and how that might impact tourism.”

You might take this in two ways, but after you read what the tourism companies say there is only one way to take it.

“He announced he knew little about tourism, continuing to tell the travel audience all about the strength of mining in WA and the state’s relationship with China – very strange when considering the audience,” Mr Alwyn-Jones said.

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