Troy Buswell, Is he an enigma like Jekyl and Hyde?

The stories just keep coming out, but the public are going to once again question his credibility even if he wins his court case against Independent MP Adele Carles.  But it seems that Adele is not one bit concerned with Troy’s legal action, if anything it has made her the more furious.  The two questions now are, should have Emperor Barnett sacked him over the sniffing chair and bra pulling fisaco and why are the mega rich corporate protecting Buswell if it is true?  Even if it was true, I am sure the fact he is a parliamentarian he should not be a good guy politician during the day and after hours a person of questionable character and not be subjected to media attention 24/7.

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WA Transport Department registration system is a farce.

If you think faceless men are supposedly controlling Labor party, then maybe you need to consider that at least you know who those faceless men are in the Labor faction if you wanted to check.  The problem with the WA Transport Department faceless men make decisions without first offereing public debate, which to me says they  are a law unto themselves even when they fail to provide a better service than previously and if not, then will not revert back to the old system until they fix up their bureaucratic stuff up.  And I and my partner know now only too well that one digit wrong can cost several hundreds of dollars and yet the Transport Department cannot for one simple effort adjust the data entry within 5 minutes.  Is this fair on us to pay a high price for a poor online payment system that has no processing checks in place?  If they wanted just a system that accepts money instead of the tens of millions of dollars on a crap system, paypal would have sufficed or direct deposit!  Not only that but I suggest Dave from Transport department call back and apologise for his very poor customer service.

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