Biosecurity, why we are kept in the dark

The relationship between coprporations and government is at times very questionable, no more so when the government at the time are the Liberals.  Just as it is an issue with unions and Labor, there is a select few with a direct ear to the political party.

Decades ago we were self sufficient, we were able to grow as much as we needed and export whatever was left over.  Now, due to decades of corporate greed and pressure on successive Labor and Liberal governments we have to import most of what we need.

So, now we have such severe cut backs in one of the worlds most profitable states and for what?

“Agriculture Minister Ken Baston could not be contacted.’  Why am I not suprised?!

Kim Hames Versus Troy Buswell

Colin Barnett accepted Kim’s explanation that claiming $1,000 for expenses was done in error and yet removed Kim from his portfolio.

Colin Barnett goes on to say “”When you hold public office, the standards are high. They were innocent mistakes, but not excusable mistakes,”

Now, maybe your views are different to mine but being fired for one collective mistake for a mere $1,000 is worse than  the vile activities by Troy Buswell?

But we know what happens to you when you sit on the back bench out of public view for a while, you get to sit on the front bench again.  So, Kim, don’t worry, it’s just a political ploy to muzzle the opposition and keep the whining public and media quiet.  You will be back in a top spot again soon, real soon.