I rest my case (Broome International for miners)

It was obvious the Broome Airport expansion was not just for tourists, a secondary benefit and the silence of the state government on the recent article 1,7000 foreign workers given special exception to work in Australia shows they are complicit to not supporting West Australians but to mining magnates.  If you think for one moment that it will only be 1,700 cheap foreign workers over the next few years then you have your head in the sand!  Who is next?

With the excessive cost of travelling to Broome, accomodation and food, do you really think Broome is competitive against Rome, Paris, New York, London?  There isn’t enough places to stay in Broome by a country mile, no decent infrstructure and no extensive tourist type programs.  We know where Broome is but no one else does.

Meanwhile, our supposed mining boom, the only current boom that is keeping us out of a recession is not being filtered through making our country benefit from the finite resources.  Soon the gas hubs will be up and running and again no major benefit to the Australian people. State and federal governments talk about the billions of dollars that these new gas hubs generate but the billions of dollars do not reach Australians.  It goes to the foreign company like Chevron who have spent millions on “friendly” marketing campaign to stroke us like a grandmother strokes her cat sitting in front of a gas heater and watching telly.

The clear confusion made by the miners saying they can’t get enough workers and yet we have around 6% unemployed and plenty more on part-time work who are keen to gain full-time employment.  I agree that of the 6%, many are not employable, either not by their fault or by those who don’t want to work, however, it’s not the 6% unemployed that are employable by the mining and gas sector, the full range of employed/employable people are available.  I can understand many want the 9 to 5 because of family commitments etc. Many don’t like the idea of FIFO, and some struggle with shift work.

For mining companies to say they can’t get enough Australian workers is just a ruse as has been proven before.

There are no trainee jobs by miners, all is left in the hands of an inept WA government, and I don’t just mean Liberals, Labour party have failed us as well.  A country doesn’t gain wealth from easy social university courses such as Arts and English Literature, with many not able to find work.  We need to encourage engineering courses, specialised technology courses and thankfully the Australian government have realised this and through Australian Open University initiatives are encouraging people to take on highly skilled courses with financial support.  And Colin Barnett insists on controlling education and health systems and yet fails to provide adequate funding for them.  Do you see any promotion through all of the media to encourage West Australians to get jobs in mine sites?  No, none, not by the resources sector and not by the West Australian government.