When are parking fees are a political engine

When the government of the day want to charge people for something, such as parking, they can.  Although if it isn’t in legislation to charge for parking then it is illegal to charge parking fees and this has come to light at Osborne Park hospital, where the legislation was introduced after the Osborne park Hospital Car Park existed.  But relief is only small as it is clear that all major hospitals force you to pay, such as Joondalup and the new Midland Health Campus run by a Godly group of corporate moralistic brethrens.

If you recall my article about Troy Buswell making gestures to charge for all public parking including shopping centres, it is clear that when a party has control of lower and upper they can create any phillistine legislation.  Don’t think for one moment that Troy is unique or Labor or Liberal parties when it comes to making us pay for more without the “tax” tag associated with it.  Don’t think for one moment Troy is unique in being an embarrasment both to his party and the public when someone like Tess Corbett compares gays with paedophiles and Bernard Gaynor diplorable comment on gays, or Cori Bernardi involvement in a US smoking gun lobby and is chairman of the senators’ interests committee…. give me a break from these fools!

I called my mother an armchair activist yesterday, as I had mentioned the furore of Nurse’s conditions and pay when forced to move from Swan Health Campus to the new Midland Health Campus, she in turn complained about hospitals.  At least I have stood in front of a gate protesting for my town and developed this blog to shoot deserved venom at our grossly negligent, and in some cases, corrupt politicians.  But it is clear to me no one is interested being anything but an armchair activist; in particular a right wing activist who reads and believe what is written in Murdoch Newspapers or from shock jocks from Austereo.

I for one am becoming more intolerant of the poor service we get from politicians who are conniving liars who do anything to deceive us so that they look good and we continue to vote them in.  Where is the opposition’s voice?   Oh didn’t you know, they are just as conniving liars. Bit by bit they take more from us, more from the low paid to meet their budgets to feed the state’s most wealthy so they don’t have to pay a dime…. Wake up people, you are not earning 57 million a day, not even $57 an hour, but those who demand a third runway at tax payers expense so they can earn another few million a day…… a day…..