3 Strikes Law is for whipping the public

The general public don’t spend enough time asking questions, or standing up to their rights or equality.  If they did then the 3 Strikes law would either not exist or be a lot different.  If you think about the 3 strikes law, consider who is targeted, criminals including children.  Although the 3 strikes law on children is rarely used the fact it exists is a concern.

So, why am I questioning a law that protects the good people of this nation?  Well, at what stage did the 3 strikes law apply to corporations?  It doesn’t, because it is aimed at individuals and this I find totally wrong; thus no protection from corporate criminals.

Again, corporations like Alcoa and Orica continue to pollute and damage us and the environment with a fine given to them that is a fraction of their profits.

So, if you don’y pay a parking fine your license gets revoked which is most of the time devastating when your work requires you to have one.  I agree that not paying a fine should be dealt with although I never advocated your license revoked on such a petty fine, a fine that should never have occured because parking fees are designed to meet budgets, exception is when people park in dangerous spots but that’s what tow trucks are for, then you have to pay the tow truck company the fine and the towing.

I digress from the obvious way to deal with things which successive state governments haven’t the brains to work out.

So, if corporation’s only have to pay for miserably low fines and not be shut down in a devastatng manner, when will we have fair and equitable laws to deal with corporate crimes?  Okay, you may think that the closing of a corporation is devastating to workers, well, I only have to give you one example to consider, Magellan Minerals; the lead contamination of Esperance in WA and the state governments determination not to cause “panic” amongst locals… in otherwords hushed up.  Right now Esperance should be empty or at least a good part of it should be.  Simply put you would be foolish to move to Esperance for the next 20 years.

So, what did the state government do?  They allowed this company to then transport lead though Perth metro via rail.  And with all the promises made, lead contamination still occured.  Irrelevant the fact that it was not going to cause harm, the fact is there was lead where there shouldn’t have been.

In the meantime DEC fined the State Port Authority $525K and the tax paying public are spending $20 million in the clean up.  Magellan Metals paid….. just $10 million, that’s right,  it has cost the public more than the company that caused the contamination.  It should be fully borne by Magellan Metals, fully!

Alcoa and Orica are not untypical environmental criminals there are many small local companies dumping chemicals down drians or rivers and all they get is a fine.

If we shut down these serious contaminators we can either take over or offer it to a environmetally friendly company, that way no jobs are lost and we have a fair and equitable law.