Why Vodafone is a scammer

If you buy a $30 prepaid you get better voice call rates than if you go on a $30 24 month plan.   The $30 prepaid is 90 cents per minute whilst the $30 plan charges 98 cents per minute.  The two shall never meet unless the Federal government stomps on these deliberately confusing plans and services.

Now, Vodafone may say well, the prepaid is different to the plans available.  Yes we know, we know it’s done deliberately to confuse the true value of the “worth of calls value” in the hundreds of dollars.  For example the $30 Prepaid gives $450 “flexible” credit whilst the $30 plan gives you only $250.  Vodafone don’t specify what they mean by flexible, but one can only assume it is flexible to spend it between voice, txt and pxt, however, the plan gives you the same options thus the term flexi is irrelevant.

If you walked up to a Vodafone dealer and inform them you are currently on a $30 prepaid, you would expect them to inform you of the difference between the two, but in the case of AllPhones in Midland they didn’t.   We were standing there with a 3 year old toddler for 45 minutes, the shopping centre past it’s closing time and the paperwork has smudges running down it, we just took their word for it and walked out.

In the meantime we get a $450 bill, all because we were not made aware that call rates vary from pre-paid to a 24 month plan nor the so called plan had less in call value credit.  Vodafone were not at all helpfull, except to encourage us to go onto a $40 plan to cover call costs, what a joke!