4 more arrogant years

Excerpt from The West

When Mr McGowan asked Mr Barnett why he was breaking the promise, Mr Barnett said: “I’m not sure which promise the Leader of the Opposition is referring to.”

Mr McGowan: The one by your energy minister.

Mr Barnett: So, not my promise. The Leader of the Opposition chose to leave out that little detail.

Mr McGowan: Just your Government.

Outside Parliament, Mr McGowan said Mr Barnett had developed an “indifference to truth”.

I’d like to thank all those that voted Liberal for giving us another 4 years of this man, but what a weak and flaccid response by McGowan.

If you want to get past Colin’s smugness and arrogance you have to push his buttons and at no time does McGowan push buttons, he reminds me of a paper opinion columnist, flaps arms without delivering the punch.

As for Colin’s response that he didn’t lie, well he didn’t contradict it when it was said.  Silence is an admission of agreement and if you don’t agree you must also be argumentative, which has no place in governance.