Now I’m showing my anti-theist view

Of course one Clergyman isn’t the sole reason for the title, but it just adds fuel to the fire.  The other despicable acts by these clowns who represent the word of “God” just makes this issue a small storm in a teacup.  Or does it?

When you think about it, its not so much the money, it’s the moral issue here, a Clergyman immorally demanding money for the return of someone’s bracelet.  He probably is mysoginous like all of the other wanna-be Catholic off shoots.  Okay, maybe a bigot, although their tendency to like choir boys over girls seems to indicate a gathering place for homosexuals; and no, I am not anti gay, all for gay marriage.  At no point am I going to say it’s the norm, because it isn’t but it certainly is rife for a group that considers itself rightuous in every meaning of the word.

Clearly “heathens” would consider this act by Rev. Terry McAuliffe as a sign of immorality and thus morals are not exclusive to those who have mystical beliefs.  Clearly the Reverend needs some guidance by his superioirs as to what is the right thing to do.  As I tell many a person who don’t bother to read  the manual RTFM!  Except in this case it’s “Read the Fucking Bible”.