Colin Barnett and political spin to throw at teachers

When you see a deliberate attempt to convince voters that the “villain” is selfish, you have to wonder, are the public that ignorant to believe it?  Or, would it be a case that if you are a Liberal voter, you would jump on the bandwagon more readily in support of Colin?   This is where the question of when a politician says that newspapers can say what they like because people know what the agenda of the paper is about?  Then why would newspapers splash horrendous comments about a politician or party? It’s simple, mud sticks and it does, even when that mud stinks.

But what if the mud deserves to stick such as Colin Barnett behind a dictatorial, arrogant and a man whose idea of economy is to tax the public more and more just to balance the books?  What about his canvassing the politically motivated crap saying that teachers are having a stop work meeting over pay when in fact it is over proper level resourcing for schools.

Meanwhile mega corporations are still making their billions and successfully minimising their tax whilst soft targets like us are worked over.