Colin Barnett must sack Troy Buswell

The West Australian reported that the embarrassing Troy Buswell was suspected of being involved in a DUI accident which explains his disappearance from his job.  We all know that Troy has some alcohol issues, the problem is Colin, doesn’t, well maybe he does now except for one thing, Colin took over Troy’s portfolio and clearly knew what had gone down.  The issue I have is there are many with this Liberal government, they persist in protecting the unprotectable and persist in lying and deceiving the public.

It took too long for Colin to remove ex Police Minister Mr Rob Johnson, maybe Mr Johnson was a threat to getting the Liberals  re-elected if he started telling a few sordid details of party room deception.

What I find a concern is the possible protection he received from politicians and corporate entities when he was accused of dry humping …. if only he had done a selfie and posted it on Facebook like all dropkicks whose life revolves around telling everyone their shit.

The fact he was voted back in by the Vasse electorate says a lot about that electorate and it’s inability to choose a better Liberal candidate.  Maybe it just goes to show how Liberals protect their own and insist on enforcing their own preferred nomination rather than what is actually best for the electorate.

As much as I appreciate the hardships from depression, anxiety attacks and other mental illness, it shouldn’t be allowed to affect the running of our state but in this instance it has, and he should be sacked and never return.