Colin Barnett and James Packer – the big deal

I don’t have anything against Mr James Packer, well maybe I should but he isn’t on the radar primarily in this point in time, he is doing what every business man is doing, trying to obtain opportunities to improve the profitability of his company.  Primarily as long as it is not going to cause damage to the environment or affect fair political activity (like R Murdoch has along with certain individuals in Austereo) or other issues I hold important.  But then again like all gambling industries they have no serious interest in protecting the  gamblingholics, no social empathy.  In essence it’s the job of the government to sort that out like they have done with cigarettes, alcohol and the wearing of helmets on bicycles.

The article by the Sunday Times was telling, once again of the dirty deals behind closed doors that clearly shows governments are too close to corporations or lobbyists.

The meeting should have been recorded and made public, because I and many Australians never asked a government we elected to keep deals secret from us.  Seriously, confidentiality is just bullshit, it’s to protect the games that governments and corporates play so that no one gets to know the truth.  The fact the results become quite evident, quite public when changes are made to benefit a particular group of people, or should I say company.

An open government is a well governed government and ensures all parties are kept in the loop, even like those of the many people based alliances we have in WA.

Keep up the secret dealing Colin, it becomes you.