Will WA Liberals sell out public assets using carrot made from public money?

When you think about it, public assets that have been created through public funding and now the Federal Government are aiming to sell everything, based on Liberal policy disguised as paying off debts.  A disguise that Australian’s don’t care to question, which can be argued so simply by even a 10 year old.

For example, we are 500 billion dollars short in infrastructure and the debt is a mere 10% of GDP (compared to USA 106%)   it isn’t  a matter of saying oh my God we owe 300 billion dollars because as I know I may owe but what is owed to me counters most of that.  Every country in the world has debt, we are not special at all, except we have one of the lowest debt in the world.  You would have to be a lazy buffoon to say other countries have less dollar value debt, well maybe but if you didn’t account for per capita, which every professional economic genius uses to define such debt, then don’t get into this argument because you are going to look like an idiot and more than likely told you are one.

The link here gives absolute clarity.

So, if anyone thinks selling a few billion dollars of Federal and State assets to overcome debt should sit in the corner with a D hat on.  We gain more from the profits of public assets than selling them and getting a small commission.  Imagine if we still had the Commonwealth bank who have made the same amount of profit ($8 billion) that selling a massive number of public assets would fetch.

Now they are talking about selling our private health insurance.  All based on a mandate of the people?  If people were always happy with mandates we wouldn’t be seeing these controversial decisions.

The selling of the Commonwealth Bank and Telstra were the biggest failure by both Labor and Liberals.  All sales of public assets should be done after a public referendum because then and only then can it be said government truly represent the people of Australia.