Elizabeth Quay, what it is really all about.

For many decades governments have a subtle technique of getting their way to overcome any potential initial public outcry.  An example of this currently is the Elizabeth Quay.  Make the public happy and then discreetly bring in the true purpose of the project.

We see all the fanfare of a park at the Elizabeth Quay, a contentious name because of the Liberal’s insistence in having some kind of connection with a country so far removed from us it’s clearly a trend that wants to be maintained even though the relationship is practically nil in any facet.  I digress, so the point of this blog post is that it is to make it clear to all that Elizabeth Quay is not for the general public, just like Swan Brewery wasn’t; it’s for the wealthy to live in prime location at the cost of public access.  Although the Liberals would argue that the public still have access, however, the future developments are not for the general public, particularly the flats that will be built above the shops.  I use the word flats because that’s what they really are, especially in the U.K.  We could use the term Condo or apartments which it will be called to facilitate the rich egotistical pomposity.

So, what is the purpose of the whole project?  Simple, to give the wealthy prime location, no more, no less.  The water fountain and walkways, well that’s just a few million dollars to make the public comfortable with the expenditure thus far, an expenditure out of tax payers money, just like handing over a publicly funded construction to a private enterprise in the guise of a “contract” or lease arrangement, because that’s exactly what the Midland Health Campus is, a corrupt deal between a government hell bent on privatising and a corporation that can dictate what services it will or won’t do within a public hospital.  But then again, when there are more private beds than public, one can safely assume it is not and never was meant to be a public asset, just like Elizabeth Quay, paid for by the public for the wealthy to get wealthier.   But with a big bold sign with the word “public” on it, it beggars belief people don’t think past the signage, even when facts stare them in the face.