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I am your everyday ratepayer, living in a average suburban home with a Mrs and kids.  The problem is, everyday events are not average, they are often complex and difficult to understand or to have an opinion on.  But, there are some key words in the world of politics, media and corporate that are used in every single public announcement to appease, to soften to confuse and to when needed, to agitate.  These words I and many other members of the public need to keep abreast of because it makes it so much easier to observe a statement and get not just the understanding of what it means but what it is trying to invoke, that being emotional reactions.  There is/will be a page with updated words used by various groups and the true definition of those words relative to the content they are used in.

A number of fantastic media  publications, whether they be on paper, television or internet don’t get the attention they deserve simply because it would mean The West Australian, Fairfax and News Corporation will find no one will visit their sites anymore when better and more pragmatic sites give a fairer and relatively un-biased view on issues.

One of the best television shows I watch is ABC’s Media Watch, a show that often infuriates commercial media enterprises by showing the public how they often steal (plagerise), modify (change content to fit their argument) and assume (never bother to get the full or proper story) the stories they produce.

When you see a mining magnate buy shares in media companies and then try to get on the board of directors, you know what the outcome will be, we saw the content changes in chanel 7 and the West Australian when Kerry Stokes and his West Australian newspaper empire bought into chanel 7 to then get onto the board of directors.  The cross promotion was and is full on, quite irritating too.  Who is next to buy into media to gain control of the content?  GMO crop companies?  MacDonalds?  Unions?

Eventually I am hoping to quickly add bloggers of like mind who are not directly involved in major media, politics or of the other mentioned groups so that this site can be one of the few that gets your attention and gives the other side a voice to help balance the issues in question.

When State government or local government make a decision you would like to think that the voice of the ratepayers is heard first and most importantly hold a lot of weight, and not by property developers or commercial enterprises or aggressive lobyists or even self indulgent politicians.  I for one was never asked if I wanted a bell tower that actually commemorates an ex-premier and is financially hemorrhaging.

I am sure no one in Fremantle were pleased to see lead powder being transported on public train lines; an option pushed through by the state government because they were negligent in supervising the transportation of same product in Esperance which killed thousands of birds and poisoned many residences.

I am sure those that prefer natural organically grown grains were not listened to when Colin Barnet approved GMO crops to be grown within WA.

And what about the 5,000 contaminated sites in WA?  Is your house sitting on contaminated land or within a few hundred metres of stored toxic and flamable waste?

How much of the billions from mining and Gas is actually circulated within WA?  Is stating a development valued at 10 billion dollars a fair indicator of what we will gain in royalties, work for West Australians?

Skills shortage has been a crippling factor for WA for several decadesWhy is it that the WA government or mining companies never invest enough in training West Australians to cope with the employment demands by the mining sector and thus resort to cheaper foreign labour or get chinese manufacturers to build and transport infrastructure at the expense of local companies?  Why isn’t there a minimum requirement to employ and train locals, build infrastructure locally and ask for compensation by super rich mines when they do this?  Why do we have to rely on unions to fight this?

Why is our steel cheaper to buy and import from China than Australian steel mills that have shed hundreds of jobs?

These questions, these issues never go away and yet for a brief moment the media stir the pot and then all goes quiet.

Why is it that we are on a global high and yet the majority of West Australians are not getting their fair share of the wealth?

What are we doing to protect us from events that occur from neglect?  Why is it that we are told untruths and yet we when we find out years down the track nothing is done about it?

How can we be heard without having to be spied on by ASIO or move from our armchairs?

Why is the carbon neutral companies getting a raw deal whilst the commercial coal power stations keep pumping out tonns of poisonous waste into the atmosphere?

Many questions but no direct answers from those that are suppose to represent us, to reward us for what we have done.

Everyone and anyone will be able to comment, however the usual abusive,  trolling or irrelevant replies will be removed.  The ability to reply is not a right but a priviledge.

All blog entries and replies can only be pertinent to Western Australia.


Thank you


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