Broome Airport lies

Colin Barnett and his cohorts have lied once again.  But is it poor journalism or no desire to report the truth anymore for political expediency that allows for the public to be unawares of the truth?  The spin back in May 2012 was to soften the public, make them think that if the state government spent the hundreds of millions to upgrade the Broome airport was of benefit directly with tourists coming to WA to spend their cash.  Because the state government is too gutless to stand up to these greedy corporations and say “payer uses” Colin Barnett was determined to make us heavily taxed public take the burden whilst corporations make even more super profits and not pay a cent.

Back in May 20012 TheWest newspaper wrote an article about the development of Broome Airport for the international travelers.  It was a red flag to a bull, my cynicism was founded by todays report that Broome Airport upgrade is on the back-burner because of the spat between Woodside Petroleum and a Liberal government that doesn’t have any business sense.

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4 more arrogant years

Excerpt from The West

When Mr McGowan asked Mr Barnett why he was breaking the promise, Mr Barnett said: “I’m not sure which promise the Leader of the Opposition is referring to.”

Mr McGowan: The one by your energy minister.

Mr Barnett: So, not my promise. The Leader of the Opposition chose to leave out that little detail.

Mr McGowan: Just your Government.

Outside Parliament, Mr McGowan said Mr Barnett had developed an “indifference to truth”.

I’d like to thank all those that voted Liberal for giving us another 4 years of this man, but what a weak and flaccid response by McGowan.

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Another poor effort in Journalism by The West Australian

Why would you publish the opinions of footballers as the only source of a differing opinion on the events recently in cricket?  I think Kent Acott should comcentrate on his road and motoring  issues if this is all he can come up with as sports reporting.  The report should have included opinions from overseas cricketers or at least a few other sports as well.  If anyone wants better reporting on cricket you are more than likely to get better reporting from as it seems to be the case in this particular case.  Not one mention of Pat Howard in Kent’s reporting indicates to me a hashed up effort to fill some pages.

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Why “I don’t recollect” by politicians make’s me angry

No doubt shareholders relate to this story over the collapse of Bell Resources and Alan Bond’s memory failing.

But how can you not recollect an Australian being put in detention or, even more important died in an overseas jail?  900 Australians died overseas last year, majority from illness, but how many have died in jail from suicide?  And if you are the foreign minister the question of why a person is in jail would no doubt have been asked and alarm bells in Kevin Rudd’s office would have rung  for the alleged Israeli national security offences.   Subsequently no one recollects this event.   Sorry but does it take something like a Bali bombing to recollect a death overseas?

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How we have changed

Today we gather as a family around tablets, smartphones and laptops.  Fast food dinner served from a box or bag and little conversation except via our fingers.  20 years ago we gathered as a family in front of the TV and TV dinners  was served on our laps as we stared quietly at the screen.  60 years ago we gathered as a family around the radio after having sat at the table eating mum’s cooking and talked about the day’s events, 100 years ago we gathered around as a family at the meal table and then read books.  In 10 years time we will gather no where, find ourselves in our rooms never to be seen again.

Tony Abbot the hypocritic – and he calls himself a Christian!


I received a flyer in my letter box, which I assume came through the postal system which probably means the Liberal party should be charged for creating material that encourages debasing of legitimate asylum seekers by calling them illegal, purely to generate propaganda that is meant to stir prejudice and create anger with the Australian population, which is effectively racial vilification.

And then I watched and read this:

“A very substantial population of western Sydney were foreigners just a few years ago,” Abbott said, “the fact is people from overseas have made a magnificent contribution to our country and trying to stir people up against them is the last thing the Prime Minister should be doing, particularly in western Sydney.”

Is this man a moron or what?

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Why a WA farmer has got it wrong about GM crops

“Cunderdin farmer David Fulwood said there was no credible research to suggest GM crops were unsafe.”

“The current genes are only the start of good things to come for producers and consumers as well. The benefits of will be huge in terms of feeding hungry people and feeding them nutritionally.”

The problem is, Mr Fulwood is that to feed hungry people costs them to buy it.  GM crops are a manifestation of corporations who don’t give anything away and are only too willing to force traditional crop farmers out of business by court action.   Farmers in poor nations can harvest their crop and preserve a portion of it for sowing; in GM you can’t because it is designed not to seed.   What GM crops would do is force these farmers to do is pay for the seeds which is counter productive.

Considering that your assumption that it’s safe unless otherwise proven otherwise has two issues, one that we know that once it is proven to be unsafe it is too late to roll back and secondly there is no contingency plan just like there were none for asbestos sufferers.

Apart from all that Mr Fulwood promoting a corporation that plays dirty shows a lack of moral values.

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