CEDA have not a clue except tax

I read today’s paper, it was about how a group of bean counters thinks we should follow in London’s footsteps and start charging motorists to come into Perth.

According to a paper released by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia yesterday, the cost of congestion in Perth will reach $2.1 billion by 2020 – a 125 per cent rise in 15 years and a rate of increase higher than in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Do you remember a slogan in the 80s when Perth was the “City for motorists”?  Mulit-story carparks were built and corporates were given the carparks to make lots of money?  Now I know why it was encouraged, hype to put money into the coffers of these companies.

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The West Australian and Clive Palmer

The Journo Petrina Berry either wasn’t there or didn’t put the question to Clive Palmer; is he anti-gay?  The last two lines in her article has this comment by him

“We can only sleep in one bed, we can only have one meal, we can only go out with one woman if we are sensible, if you are a guy that is.  “Same goes for you girls, too, right.”


But that’s the only concern in the article….

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Karl O’Callaghan wants 3 strike law enforced

Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan wants the courts to lock up repeat juvenile offenders sooner to increase their chances of rehabilitation and reduce home invasions and other serious crimes.

This is one issue I have to agree with Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan on, because of personal experience along with several neighbours of mine.  Repeatedly weak gutless judges let repeat offenders back on the street feeling sorry for their social plight.  In the meantime, I live in a suburb where abuse, burglary, theft, violence and even where a house was burnt down by a small group of teenage thugs.

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Parking Fees

Today’s West Australian article by Yolanda Zaw on the Liberal government’s plan to introduce metro wide paid parking gave a clear insight to me the budget squeeze that the Liberals are fearing will be politicised by the opposition, and rightly so.  The article doesn’t imply but clearly states that the Liberals are willing to affect business and shoppers by penalising shoppers for shopping.  Mind you, since all parking has practically become a private enterprise it has cost tax payers more money to park.  The Liberals are relying on shoppers to accept paying parking in public carparks as they have done private parking bays such as those run by Wilson parking.

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